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AquaSkipperUK Ltd.

Assembling Your AquaSkipper

There are nine easy steps to build your Aquaskipper, the first time you assemble it take your time and pay particular attention to the manual so you get it right first time. The process at the beginning should take you approximately 30-40 minutes as you decipher which part goes where. After that 10 minutes is all it take to get fully assembled and on the water.

Step 1

Slide the steering shaft through the tube of the middle bar until it stops. The word 'AquaSkipper' should be up right. The weight label on the steering shaft should face forward. Next slide the bushing up the tube until it stops and then insert the bushing pin.

Step 2

Connect the fibre glass spring to the centre hole of the curve bar by inserting the spring pin. Check to be sure that you use the end of the spring that has the thicker spacers.

Step 3

To attach the curve bar to the bottom end of the steering shaft, insert the curve bar pin. To attach the fibre glass spring to the middle of the steering shaft, insert the spring pin. The hole you use on the steering shaft depends on the users weight.

Step 4

Attach the small foil onto the canard with the canard screw. Use the hex wrench to tighten. Make sure the front of the small foil is forward, towards the skimmer. Fit the skimmer to the tip of the canard with the skimmer screw. Use a phillips screwdriver to tighten.

Step 5

Attach the curve bar to the canard by inserting the curve bar pin.

Step 6

Fit the two pieces of the large foil together. Insert the female screws in the bottom and the male screws on top. Use the hex wrench to fasten the two pieces together. To fit the large foil tips onto the wing, first slip on the narrow end and then the wider end.

Step 7

Insert the right and left vericles into the right and left platform ends. Look for the labels indicating which side is which. Be sure to push the verticals all the way in to the ends of the platform.

Step 8

Attach the large foil to the vertical frame. First put the screw head of one vertical into the larger hole in the foil and then slide it over to the smaller hole. Second, press the other vertical inward until the screw head goes into the larger hole and then release the pressure to allow it to automatically slide into the smaller hole. Important: Make sure the front of the large foil is forward, towards the platform.

Step 9

To finish, insert the middle bar into the tube on the platform. Insert the middle bar screw and tighten with the hex wrench to secure.

Setting spring for user weight

To get started on the Aquaskipper, ensure you read through the instructions very carefully. Make sure the spring is on the correct setting for the person using the Aquaskipper. From the top, the settings are:

  • Hole 1: 70-100lbs (32-45kg)
  • Hole 2: 100-140lbs (45-64kg)
  • Hole 3: 140-190lbs (64-86kg)
  • Hole 4: 190-250lbs (86-114kg)

When going on the AquaSkipper for the first time, we suggest using the weight setting one step lower than your weight range. (one hole higher)

Flotation Bouy

An optional floatation bouy is included for some extra flotation at the front. The AquaSkipper will float without the bouy; however the bouy will help the front end of the AquaSkipper rise to the surface. Beginners might find it easier to swim back to the dock with this attached.