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AquaSkipperUK Ltd.

Launching the Aquaskipper

  1. You need to launch the Aquaskipper from a dock or a boat in at least 6.5 feet or 2 metres or water in order to avoid the risk of hitting the bottom. Injury to yourself or damage to the Aquaskipper may occur if its too shallow.
  2. Hold the handlebar and lower the large foil down to above or under the waters surface.
  3. Stand at the edge of the dock. The foot that you are going to use to push off should be placed slightly over the edge of the dock. If your foot is not over the edge of the dock, you could slip and you will not get a powerful enough push to start. Put your other foot on the Aquaskippers platform.
  4. Rock forward, and as the skimmer reaches the water, give yourself a powerful push off the dock. Immediately start jumping! your toes should be against the front lip of the platform.
  5. You will need to lean forward and jump on the balls of your feet. Push down on the handlebar, but do not pull up as it may cause the small foil to come out the water.
  6. If the Aquaskipper starts leaning to one side or the other, use your body weight to counterbalance it.


For more speed and efficiency, move your feet back on the platform. To accelerate after you push off or if you need to recover from a stall, stand forward on the platform. You may use your arms to assist on every jump.