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There are two options when you are ready to land your Aquaskipper. You can either stop jumping near the dock and the Aquaskipper will stop.( you'll end up in the water) or you can land on a dock. If you want to get wet dont read the following.


  1. Make sure there is enough space under the dock for the foil to move under it.
  2. Always come to the dock on your right or left side. Do not try and land straight on.
  3. When you are about 30 feet (10 metres) from the dock stop jumping and let the aquaskipper glide. (The distance you stop jumping may vary on the speed you are traveling.
  4. When the Aquaskipper is parallel with the dock, pull back the handle bar and step onto the dock with one foot.

CAUTION; The dock might become slippery when wet. Use extreme caution when choosing to land this way.