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How AquaSkipper Works

Getting Started with the Aquaskipper

Getting started with the Aquaskipper sometimes needs patience and hard work. However a few more talented individuals manage to just get on them and off they go (Bloody anoying it took me 15 Goes...Ed).

To get a head start we have compiled some information about getting started follow the simple guidlines and you will be Skipping across the water in no time.


History of the Aquaskipper

AquaSkipper History

A history of Hopping-Motion Hydrofoils

The history of Hopping-Motion Hydrofoils is sketchy as many hobbyists endeavored to perfect a unique water toy but did notdocumenttheir efforts or promote themselves. It is not until recently that the history is much more detailed as commercial ventures have documented their efforts when they sought patents and trademarks.

1989 Pogofoil

The pogofoil!.

The Pogofoil was Parker McCready's second attempt to power a hydrofoil via flapping wing propulsion. As seen above, it wasbeing testedon Seattle's Green Lake in 1990. It weighed about 50 lbs, with a speed of 11 mph, but was only good for a fewhundred meters before the rider would tire.

The Pogofoil was the culmination of several years of experimental boat building, which included his first hydrofoil, the "Mutiny on the Boundary Layer." As McCready states it was, "The overweight, over-mechanical, but working, predecessor tothe sleeker Pogofoil."

1998 Trampofoil

The pogofoil!.

Alexander Sahlin, a Swedish engineer, invented the Trampofoil. It weighs 12 Kg. and used the flapping wing concept for propulsion.It is believed Sahlin is the current distance record holder at 11.5 km

2003-2004 AquaSkipperTM launched

The aquaskipper in the upward portion of the jump.

The world's only easy-to-use human-powered hydrofoil watercraft launches into the market.

Camas, WA November 14, 2005. Inventist, launches a new product, the AquaSkipper, a one-of-a kind, lightweight, human powered personal-watercraft. The AquaSkipper is truly a 21st century innovation. AquaSkipper was developed and patented by Shane Chen, Chief Executive Officer of CID, Inc. "We've perfected an idea that has been tried in the past," stated Mr. Chen. "Along withour design and workmanship, our patent includes our unique the main spring which converts human energy into forward motion."

Now anyone can fly above the water. A light hopping motion propels the pilot forward while the hydrofoil gives lift and potential speed ofup to 17 miles / 27 kilometers per hour. The AquaSkipper, allows the pilot to propel forward and ride on the waves, devise new tricks and race with others.

You don't have to been an athlete to use the AquaSkipper, other uses include a personal water shuttle from "ship to shore, ordock." Any way you use the AquaSkipper, users find that it is the most unique product ever made for personal water travel or watersports. Simply stated the AquaSkipper is good, clean fun. In fact it's the most fun you might have on the water.

AquaSkipper features

  • Lightweight
  • Fast, up to 17mph
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy disassembly for transport
  • Lots of fun!


  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Wingspan: 7 feet
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Material: aircraft aluminum and fibreglass

Counterfiet Aquaskippers

The REAL AquaSkipper

Beware of counterfeits!

This page is to help our potential customers identify the real Inventist AquaSkipper from counterfeits. Here are the four maindifferences which distinguish the real AquaSkipper from the fakes:

  • Materials.
    The aluminum of the Inventist AquaSkipper consists of 7005 aircraft grade aluminum,comparedto the 6061 of the fakes. Also, all of the connecting joints are made to last, unlike those of the fakes.
  • Spring.
    The counterfeit is not of the same proprietary materials as the Inventist AquaSkipper.The counterfeit springs are known to fail after only a short period of time.
  • Box size.
    The dimensions of the real AquaSkipper box are as follows: 124.2 cm x 47.5 cm x 24.2cm. In the picture below, the smaller box on the left contains the real product. Our new design can be disassembledto fit into the small package, while the fake is copied from our older and larger version and is packaged ina larger box.
  • Liability insurance.
    The manufacturer of the fake does not carry liability insurance.
The aquaskipper packaging

In short, the copiers have not only made illegal, inferior copies of our AquaSkipper, but they have also copied word-for-word our manual and flyer advertising. We are taking legal steps to stop the blatant infringement of our trademark and patent. The copiers are also trying to sell the AquaSkipper under other names, such as the Waterbird.

Hammacher Schlemmer and SkyMall are both authorized and legitimate distributors in the United States. AquaSkipperUK Ltd are the only authorised distributors in the UK. Please note that there are currently no legal distributors in China.

Don't be fooled; protect yourself and contact us if you have any questions regarding the AquaSkipper.

AquaSkipper® is a registered trademark of Inventist, Inc. and the AquaSkipper is patented in the US and China and pending in Korea.

Counterfeit AquaSkippers found in the UK will be confiscated and owners prosecuted.