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Welcome to the first edition of the Aquaskipper Newsletter. This month we officially launch the Aquaskipper in the UK and will be appearing at events all over the country where we can hopefully get some of you together showing off the tricks you have learnt and the speeds you have attained.

The Aquaskipper phenomenon is set to explode world wide this year and different countries are joining forces to arrange various events these include the USA, Australia, Norway, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

If you are new to Aquaskipping then there will be a number of HAVE A GO opportunities with various suppliers and at events throughout the UK from Scotland to Cornwall. So don't wait get started NOW and you could be the first UK Aquaskipper champion.

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In this issue:


A product launch with a difference!!!

The AquaSkipper launch day will definately be a bit different! In most events of a similar nature there are usually quite a few enthusiast who can really do it well. In this case only a couple of dozen have been purchased so more time could be spent in the water than on it. Needless to say we are going to have a great laugh.

This won't detract from a great fun day and there will be a couple of people attending who can really make the AquaSkipper move.

The launch day is being held at the Princes Club Water Ski and Wakeboard Centre, Clockhouse Lane, Bedfont, Middlesex, TW14 8QA on Saturday 17th March 2007 between 11am and 3pm - and all comers are welcome to 'HAVE A GO!' Wetsuits and changing facilities will be available and the bar will be open for refreshments.

Upon arrival those wanting to 'HAVE A GO!' will need to register and will be given instruction on how to get started. They will then be given a time slot of 15 minutes during which they will be able to try out the AquaSkipper and see if they can get it going. The whole event is being filmed and the one who shows style and agility on the AquaSkipper, and who impresses the post event judges, will be invited to Morocco to appear in the AquaSkipperUK Promotional Video.

The AquaSkipperUK team are all looking forward to meeting you on the day...!


AquaskipperUK are searching for a star to feature on their promotional video being filmed in Morocco at the end of March 2007.

Trials to win a place on the trip are open to all comers aged 16 and over who are available to travel between the 25th March and 1st April 2007. Judging of the entrant's skills will take place following a competition to be filmed at the Princes Club Waterskiing Centre, Staines in Middlesex on Saturday 17th March 2007.

The event sees the launch of the Aquaskipper in the UK, which is a human powered craft that with a bouncing motion, similar to being on a pogo stick, propels the rider across the water at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. This unusual craft recently launched in the USA has already sold by the 1000's and is a new craze on the lakes and beaches throughout the US.

Duncan McDonald, managing director of AquaskipperUK says, " We are looking for someone who can really put the Aquaskipper through its paces. This is an amazing craft that will appeal to anyone who is a water-sports enthusiast. It can be raced or perform tricks and even surfs the waves."

The eventual winner of the trials will enjoy a weeks trip to the beautiful city of Agadir on the North African Coast plus £200 spending money. Filming will take place each day but there will be ample time to relax and enjoy the sun.

To register a place or for more information contact 0845 2603211 or email


Aquaskipper UK will be at a number of events and shows throughout the UK this year kicking off at the Outdoor Show at the NEC Birmingham between 16th and 18th March 2007. This event is the biggest and best collection of all the outdoor sports you can think of.

Aquaskipper UK will be in the watersports hall situated in halls 2 and 3 on stand GD161 where there will be lots of other water sports and things going on, including

Canoe Pool – have a go or watch the experts
Dive pool – improve your underwater photography
Water Sports Theatre – be inspired by these water based tales
Freespirit Beach Festival – relax to chill out tunes and mix with fellow enthusiasts

The Aquaskipper stand will have video and demonstrations of how to get going on the Aquaskipper and a competition to win one. So make sure you make time to come and see us.


Not content with becoming the first person to skateboard thousands of kilometres across Australia, Dave Cornthwaite now has a new challenge in his sights. After reading about the Aquaskipper, Dave decided to get himself a dry suit and plunge into icy UK waters time and time again, in an attempt to become a world record holder in yet another discipline. The thing is, he hates cold water.

It all started when Dave was on the train, browsing through a copy of the Metro someone had kindly left behind on the Swansea to Paddington service. Turn the page, stop. 'Water weird way to get to work!' read the headline. Beneath, a picture of a man on a quite bizarre contraption, which sits like a bicycle in the water. 'It drew confused glances…' the article read, 'as volunteer Gareth Fowler tested it on the Thames yesterday …'

Dave thought to himself, 'That looks quite interesting. I wonder if I could cross the Channel on one of those things?' He read on, glancing now and then at the picture. He further read that I was interviewed in the article and said something like, 'These things are crazy. Once the extreme sports guys get hold of them, there is real potential.'

Dave ripped out the article, tucked it into his wallet, and sat on it for a couple of days. I then received the email from him that was to offer one of the greatest potential promotion opportunities that could be dreamed up for Aquaskipper. We met at a Reading Pub late one Tuesday afternoon and Dave reiterated his plans to Aquaskip across the English Channel! He left with a brand new Aquaskipper in hand skating away on Elsa, his beloved skate board. The most amazing thing is I believe him...or had I just been ripped off big time?

To keep an eye on Dave's progress and preparation, visit his website to watch his video diary or subscribe to his blog. It's going to make interesting reading over the coming months...

See you next time!