April Newsletter

Welcome to our second newsletter keeping you up to date of whats going on in the world of the Aquaskipper.

After a very successfull launch weekend in March we not only met several thousand of you at the Outdoor show in Birmingham but we managed to find our face of Aquaskipper.

As always we welcome any comments or ideas you have for Aquaskippers including including shows or exhibitions we should be at or places where you want to try things out.

The special offer is still running which includes an Aquaskipper a bag vat and postage for only £399 so get yours in time for Easter and be the first in the UK to be Aquaskipping.

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In this issue:

Hetic Aquaskipper weekend ends with two winners

A very successful Aquaskipper launch weekend ended with two winners one with a trip to Morocco to appear in our promotional video and another with a brand new Aquaskipper


Firstly about 25 people registered for our Aquaskipper competition at the Princes Club Water ski Centre at the weekend an influx of early starters got a cold bath as they tried the Aquaskipper for the first time. Following a little instruction in the art of the launch success started to follow with several of the Skippers almost making it full circle and back to the dock.

Princes centre The TV crew consisting of Tom Leslie and Jake McMahon who filmed the whole event managed to get some great shots and some spectacular falls all of which will be featured on the website over the next couple of days. Local press and a water sports magazine also covered the event.

Three Skippers who stood head and shoulder above the rest were Jake Firth who travelled up from Southampton and farther and son Mike and Rob McKenzie from Poole who dazzled the onlookers with a fantastic display of cool controlled Aquaskipping. A gripping father and son duel took place between the 45 year old veteran and his 14 year old son as they both raced along powering the craft within inches of each other, a too close to call finish was given the thumbs up as a draw. All parties slumped to the bar after an exhausting day to recount the highlights of he event.

The video footage of the day and other video footage submitted by those who were unable to make the event was viewed and a decision was made to award David Cornthwaite (left) from Swansea the first prize of our Trip to Morocco. Well done Dave we look forward to showing visitors some footage of the trip on our site later.





Our stand at the Outdoor Show at the NEC was a huge success for more than one reason although the Aquaskipper looked amazing on the stand our promotional team, twins Sarah and Rebecca Addison, received just as many admiring glances particularly from the testosterone filled soldiers on a nearby stand.

We spoke to thousands of people over the three days at times we were unable to move on the stand with people watching the video and inspecting the Aquaskipper. Many new distributor deals were struck for the coming summer season and we sold out of the Aquaskippers we bought each day. A very successful event all in all.

The prize draw was made on Monday morning after the event and the winner was P.J. Halsey from the West Midlands Congratulations a brand new Aquaskipper is on its way to you as we speak.

Now I am back in the office I intend to contact all the people who had specific enquiries, if for some reason you do not hear from me by the end of the week please drop me an email at duncan@aquaskipperuk.com or phone 0845 260 3211.

12ft Skiff sign Aquaskipper UK as new Team Sponsor

The 12ft Skiff Class this week signed a Team sponsorship deal with Aquaskipper UK, sole importers of the newest water-sports craze from the USA.
 12 foot skiff
The “Team Aquaskipper” boat will be seen at all the UK 12ft Skiff events this season, starting with the Grand Slam this weekend at Weston S.C., in Southampton.
Bob Clements of the 12ft Skiff Class commented on the deal “It’s a great partnership. Aquaskipper wants to build awareness of its brand and its product in the UK, and what better way than to sponsor a 12 and have Aquaskippers on-hand at events for people to try. I can see the Aquaskipper being the perfect toy for dinghy sailors to take with them to meetings. You often see people turning up with boards and kites for days when it’s too windy, but these are perfect for when there’s no wind, and you can race them!”
Duncan McDonald, Aquaskipper UK’s Managing Director said “the 12ft Skiffs represent the extreme side of dinghy sailing, and they’re great to watch. We are happy to be associated with a class that has a clear understanding of the commercials of sponsorship, and we feel confident that this partnership will reap big rewards for us and the launch of the Aquaskipper into the UK. There will be a couple of demonstration units travelling the country with the “Team Aquaskipper” boat, so if you see the boat, go up and ask the guys for a go on an Aquaskipper. I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige.
About 12ft Skiff
Throughout the sailing community the 12 foot skiff has an almost legendary status as a boat that is only sailed by the best and the maddest of people. Light enough to be lifted in and out of the water by its two man crew and powered by more sail area than your average yacht, these vessels are ridiculously over powered. The resulting racing events are filled with thrills and spills for both competitors and spectators. Further information is available at http://www.12footskiff.com/

Sub zero Aquaskipping

If you think you got problems Aquaskipping inice aquaskipping the UK spare a thought for our friend in the Baltic.

Pär Löthman from Finland was out on the ice this weekend trying out the Aquaskipper, those who braved the icy waters at The Princes Club the other week will sympathise, but this is really in a different league for ball shrinking coldness.
However not one to make a fuss Pär said "there is still plenty of ice to start from which is handy". Talk about turning a negative into a positive. I suppose it saves hunting for a decent launch site!!!
Go for it my son.....But keep zipped up

Where to come and see the Aquaskipper and have a go

The following outlets and individuals have Aquaskippers available to view or have a go on please call them to make arrangements directly.

The 12 Foot Skiff Team will have 2 Aquaskippers at the following events ready and waiting for you to have a go.For more details or directions visit the 12footskiff website

Weston Grand Slam ..............April 6th-9th
Draycote Water Open ............April 21st
Weymouth Assymetric ..........April 28th/29th
Weymouth Regatta ...............June 9th/10th
Weston Skiff Open ................June 16th/ 17th
Datchet 12 Foot Skiff event.....June 29th - 1st July
Torquay Regatta ...................August 27th/29th

Channel Marine Ltd, Unit 4, Fishmarket Quay, Trawler Road, Swansea Marina, SA11UP call Andy 07919464397 for details.

Mike Mckenzie, Poole area call  07771985183 

PowerHouse Marine, Newcastle, contact Mitch Cannon on 07701080525 



See you next time!