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AquaSkipperUK Ltd.

Welcome to AquaskipperUK

Now Owned by Nick Mead of

I purchased the company at the end of August 2011, but I bought my first Aquaskipper three years before! It took six months to arrive, on a cold Feburary morning. I was straight up the canal for the maiden voyage - it wasn't pretty but soon things progressed and now I'm an Aquaskipper demond and have since spent hundreds of hours with a digger landscaping my own lake in the middle of the tank driving ranges.

I practise at least 3 times a week it’s good to have a few friends about to laugh at and bounce ideas off each other. Sometimes I practise speed , sometimes efficiency and I always do an endurance session for a real cardio vascular work out, I beat my personal best most weeks .I keep one machine on the lake never dismantling it and one in its carry bag in my Range Rover, it goes everywhere with me, if I happen to drive by some nice water I pull over and amaze a few people I’m close to doing it in my clothes depending on the dismount area.

I am always ready to offer a warm welcome to anyone who fancies a go. No charge, it's a fun thing, I live on site and I'm always looking for an excuse to play. Just because you are 20 and fit as a butchers dog don't expect to outdo this old dog, it's all about balance and rhythm than fitness, that's needed much later. But if you do get the bug, and I promise you it's infectious I have lots for sale and a full back up after sales service of spares.