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AquaSkipperUK Ltd.

We are constantly working on the lake, it gets bigger every week and we now have an island in the middlle and the floating pontoon is almost finnished. So we have an easy launcharea for beginners. When you're starting out the height you launch from is critical, it helps for that all important push-off speed. Eleven inches seem to be the magic number.

                                                   The pontoon is now operational. One new thing I have learned is don't go for an endurance skip and expect to do a perfect dismounton the pontoon. It takes a little skill, and nothing is easy when your heart is hanging out your mouth.

Also removing a lot of soil may make the lake bigger, but also drops the water level, if you clip a high spot skippering flat out you really go flying!

                                                   Finally! After a long, hard but fun corparate day at Tanks-alot, Nick gets to impress us all by aquaskipping with his clothes on!