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Dave Cornthwaite is an extraordinary person, he only wentdave and skateboarded 4000 miles across Australia . I met with Dave after a phone conversation during which he persuaded me to part with a brand new Aquaskipper. He sounded genuine but then so did Harold Shipman. We met outside Reading BR Station. Dave rode up on his trusty skateboard Elsa, "Hello Matey" he said cheerily .We found a smokey pub full of builders starting their Friday night binge drinking session, our quiet conversation was drowned out with raucous laughter as the builders downed pints quicker and quicker.

Dave relayed his plans to become a world beater on the Aquaskipper, a steely look in his eye and a history of mega achievements told me that he was serious. An hour later we parted company, he skateboarding toward the station carrying a brand new Aquaskipper me full of optimism for the start of a terrific story.

My optimism took a slight step back after the first video diary taken on a wet day at Bray lake, but never say die, Dave was not a quitter. Follow his trials and tribulations on the blog and video diary as he leaps from total beginner to Aquaskipper supremo.

Daves Blog


Daves Video Diary